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We’re Golden | Happy Birthday Proximal50

We’ve been a part of the Bismarck/Mandan fitness and wellness community for seven years. From deals on personal training to discounts on DEXA, we just can’t wait to celebrate our birthday with you. Golden Promos While our actual birthday is on Wednesday, 12/7 – we decided this one needed an entire week. Check out the […]

Super Saturdays

  We’re adding Super Saturday’s to our refreshed Bismarck group fitness schedule. Our back-to-back classes are programed for your whole body.We’re switching up Saturdays on your Bismarck group fitness schedule.   Saturdays are about to be a whole lot spicier with Super Saturdays. We are putting a fresh spin on Saturday morning classes with the […]

Free LesMills Group Fitness Classes

  Fall in love with Bismarck group fitness and join one of our LesMills (or our very own) classes in October. Bring-a-friend, tell-a-friend, or come on your own and see why we love group fitness! With the promo code JUSTMOVE there’s a chance to find a LesMills class that’s right for you.  Build Confidence with […]

LesMills GRIT

    LesMills GRIT isn’t new to our Bismarck group fitness schedule but some of y’all are real scared to try it so we figured we’d show a lil love for GRIT. Yes, GRIT is going to take you out of your comfort zone but that’s the point. A comfortable workout is everyones priority. Comfort […]

BodyBalance: A New Generation of Yoga

LesMills Bodyflow is missing from our refreshed Bismarck group fitness schedule. Don’t worry it’s still there but it’s now BodyBalance. Les Mills BodyFlow has rebranded to LesMills BodyBalance and here’s what you need to know. For our BodyFlow regulars, much of the workout will be very similar and familiar. You may notice a few new […]

P50 Group Fitness Launch Party

  You knew we had to throw a party with all that’s going on with our Bismarck group fitness schedule refresh of your favorite LesMills (and our very own) classes. We love a reason to throw a party! Our rebrand of P50’s Group Fitness program seemed like a great opportunity. And we love group fitness […]

New Group Fitness Merch

With the refresh of our Bismarck group fitness schedule of your favorite LesMills (and our very own) classes comes new merch.   We always love a good reason to launch some new merch 😉 In celebration of our group fitness rebrand and schedule refresh we have a limited release Group Fitness Kit. Here’s what’s included: […]

Group Fitness Schedule Refresh

  We took your favorite LesMills classes (and our very own) and refreshed our Bismarck group fitness schedule.  It’s not the same, but it’s not all new… it’s a sort of refresh! The ol’ sayings “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” or “don’t reinvent the wheel” come to mind here. The schedule we have […]

Personal Training: Breakout Bundle

A 5 session personal training package for those in Bismarck/Mandan looking to build their gym confidence with Proximal50.   The Breakdown.  We’re excited to announce our newest limited personal training package: The Breakout Bundle. You’ll spend five sessions with a personal trainer going over everything from cardio to strength training. Our goal is to build […]

DEXA Scan: 3 Reasons to Get One

What’s a DEXA scan? When people think about their fitness and wellness goals, immediately they think about stepping on the scale. Now we’re not telling you to throw your scale away but maybe just tuck it away under the sink for a sec. Why? Because we love a DEXA scan. Using a very low dose […]