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Am I Getting Enough Protein?

Don’t count calories. Instead look at what’s really on your plate. Protein is an essential nutrient that everyone is always talking about. Before we talk about what’s enough (and what’s too much), let’s talk about what protein is and WHY you need it. Scientifically speaking, protein is in every single cell in your body and […]

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going?

  So you set some goals for the New Year. That’s cool, but how are they really going? At Proximal50 Bismarck we aren’t the New Year’s Resolutions type and here’s why. Oftentimes the problem with New Year’s resolutions (or goals) is within the level of the goal. Basically setting a goal that isn’t realistic for […]


  Social wellness is just as important as your physical and emotional well-being. Here at Proximal50 Bismarck, we have a community welcoming you. In the wellness world, you’ve heard about your physical and emotional well-being but we want to get into another area that you can easily overlook, social wellness.  Social wellness is having healthy […]


Emotional wellness is a key part of your wellness. Let’s talk about how you can build resilience with Proximal50. Not only is emotional wellness your own feelings but it’s also about being empathetic towards others. It’s learning to manage your emotions and not hide, diminish or ignore them.  One way to help manage your emotions […]


At Proximal50 Bismarck, it’s no surprise that as a gym we’re going to talk about physical wellness. However, we’re going to challenge you to dig a little deeper than just moving your body. Physical wellness is taking care of your body — the physical you — now, and with consideration to how that impacts the […]


Wellness is more than diet, exercise and weight loss. It’s changed to prioritize your mental well-being too and Proximal50 is there with you. Overtime wellness has taken on a whole new meaning. You’ll come across many different components of what wellness looks like and we want to talk about three primary ones: Physical Wellness Emotional […]

We’re ready for Giving Hearts Day

Giving Hearts Day is February 9th 2023 and Proximal50 is ready to help make some change in our community. Giving Hearts Day is a 24hr fundraising event and we love that we get to use our platforms to reach YOU, and create impact that will carry many days to come. It’s easy to tell people […]

We’re Golden | Happy Birthday Proximal50

We’ve been a part of the Bismarck/Mandan fitness and wellness community for seven years. From deals on personal training to discounts on DEXA, we just can’t wait to celebrate our birthday with you. Golden Promos While our actual birthday is on Wednesday, 12/7 – we decided this one needed an entire week. Check out the […]

Super Saturdays

  We’re adding Super Saturday’s to our refreshed Bismarck group fitness schedule. Our back-to-back classes are programed for your whole body.We’re switching up Saturdays on your Bismarck group fitness schedule.   Saturdays are about to be a whole lot spicier with Super Saturdays. We are putting a fresh spin on Saturday morning classes with the […]

Free LesMills Group Fitness Classes

  Fall in love with Bismarck group fitness and join one of our LesMills (or our very own) classes in October. Bring-a-friend, tell-a-friend, or come on your own and see why we love group fitness! With the promo code JUSTMOVE there’s a chance to find a LesMills class that’s right for you.  Build Confidence with […]