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Concussion Treatment: 6 Steps to Recovery

6 Steps to Recover from a Concussion Did you or someone you know experience a concussion? Concussions are a mild form of traumatic brain injury secondary to hitting your head from a fall, collision, playground accident or sports injury. Concussions can also occur from your body moving rapidly causing impact on your head. Head injuries […]

Relieving TMJ Pain with 4 Exercises

4 Exercises to Relieve your TMJ Pain    TMJ is an acronym that stands for temporomandibular joint meaning jaw. TMJ pain can often present itself in unexpected ways including ear pain, fullness in the ear or persistent headaches. Other times it can be more obvious including pain when chewing and popping or clicking when opening […]

What are cognitive distortions and why should I care?

What are cognitive distortions? As humans we are prone to thinking in ways that may impact our lives negatively. Cognitive distortions are thinking errors our mind convinces us of something that isn’t true. These thoughts are inaccurate and reinforce negative thinking.   We tell ourselves things that sound rational and accurate, but only allow us […]

Just Run.

Or jog, walk, or plod… but whatever you do, just get out and do it. Nowhere does it say that you to be a runner you have to run nonstop. Nowhere does it say to be a runner you have to run a certain distance or pace. There are no rules saying who gets to […]

Breaking Down Negative Thought Patterns

Breaking Down Negative Thought Patterns   Cognitive distortions (negative thinking) can impact our daily thought process. It can look like: Getting all of the best compliments, but we get stuck on the one piece of criticism we got. We hit our goal with our eating habits, yet after enjoying the delicious donut – we assume […]

Women’s Health Month Challenge

21 Days to Take Control of Your Health May is Women’s Health Month and it is the perfect time to bring awareness to the top 3 strategies to improve & maintain your overall health. Build a good relationship with your doctor and stay on top of your appointments! Regular (often yearly) exams are key to […]

21 Day Challenge to Stress Less

April: Stress Awareness Month Stress plays a big role on our health & wellness. Often, it’s the piece that’s holding us back the most. You can exercise and eat right, but if you aren’t managing our stress you may not be reaching your goals! Stress can look like a lot of different things from deadlines […]

Pregnancy Series: Trimester 3

Pregnancy Series: 3rd Trimester You are in the final stretch! You are just around the corner from meeting your bundle(s) of joy, and there seems like there is so much to do while time is simultaneously dragging on. Working out might not be the first to do on your list, but these simple exercises are […]

Pregnancy Series: 2nd Trimester

Pregnancy Series: 2nd Trimester Woohoo! You’ve made it into your second trimester! Trimester 2 is where people talk about getting their energy back – what a relief! The first trimester is filled with the newness of pregnancy (all the excitement!) but can be overshadowed by the symptoms you are feeling. Hopefully, you are feeling the […]