Free LesMills Group Fitness Classes

Free LesMills in Ocotober


Fall in love with Bismarck group fitness and join one of our LesMills (or our very own) classes in October.

Bring-a-friend, tell-a-friend, or come on your own and see why we love group fitness! With the promo code JUSTMOVE there’s a chance to find a LesMills class that’s right for you. 

Build Confidence with Group Fitness

Your first time in class can be really intimidating but that will only get better as time goes on. However this is the perfect time to try a new class as we launch a new six week schedule block and new releases in LesMills classes. This means that the workout is new to everyone — not just you. So don’t worry if you’re nailing that transition or if you’re falling out of rhythm because your neighbor will be right there with you. Since it is new to everyone we’re going to spend more time teaching during the class so you will still have an effective workout and not waste active time trying to figure out what you’re doing. Oh and don’t worry if you come in the middle of a six week schedule block. We’re always there to guide you through the workout so you can get the most out of your class. 

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Why LesMills? 

There are many reasons why we love LesMills but probably the biggest is the consistency. It doesn’t matter what day you attend a class — it’s the same workout. This consistency adds so much comfort to those in class because they know exactly what to expect from the workout. LesMills is backed by science so you’ll get the most out of your workout while having opportunities to modify to fit your training perfectly.

Download our app to sign-up. (class sign-up opens 24 hours in advance) Don’t forget to use the promo code JUSTMOVE if you aren’t a P50 member. 

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