emotional wellness

Emotional wellness is a key part of your wellness. Let’s talk about how you can build resilience with Proximal50.

Not only is emotional wellness your own feelings but it’s also about being empathetic towards others. It’s learning to manage your emotions and not hide, diminish or ignore them. 

One way to help manage your emotions is by building resilience. Having this quality will help you bounce back from difficult situations life throws at you. We’re going to talk about some ways you can build resilience with Proximal50. 

Make time for yourself

So much of your day is focused on your partner, kids, work, household etc. that you often put yourself on the back burner. Taking time each day to focus on yourself and something that serves you is a great way to recharge and decompress. It’s going to feel weird making yourself a priority but it’ll be worth it.  Those curveballs life throws your way won’t be as hurtful because you took time to recharge so you have the capacity to handle them. Sometimes taking time for yourself can feel lazy but just know that time for you is never a waste. 

Some of our favorite ways to recharge are: 

  • Taking a walk and listening to our fave podcast
  • Hiring a babysitter! There’s no shame in ensuring that you-time 
  • Sitting on the deck and reading a book
  • Trying a baking recipe from Tiktok instead of ordering Crumbl
  • Spending time at the gym — we know a good one 😉 

Practice gratitude

Some days it’s really hard to see the good and we totally get that. Okay so let’s say you went to the gym today. You spent 30 min on the elliptical but you really didn’t do much else so you’re feeling bad about yourself. This is totally normal but let’s stop and run through that again…

You’re a member of a gym. Not everyone has the disposable income to do that. You’re in a body that has the capacity to allow you to spend 30 minutes on an elliptical. Feeling bad about yourself is valid but taking the time to run through scenarios in your head and finding these things to be thankful for is a great exercise of resilience. 

Learn more about the power of gratitude from Brandi. 


Lean on your community

Whether it’s at Proximal50, your work, or your friends & family; surrounding yourself with good people you can lean on is a great way to get through life. Emotional wellness goes hand-in-hand with your social wellness and let’s be honest making friends as an adult can be a little rough. Check out our blog post on social wellness to learn how to fuel your social wellness. 


We hope these ways to build resilience help you fuel your emotional well-being. Emotional wellness can be a tough journey to take on by yourself. We are quick to hire a trainer or health coach, but why are we so hesitant to seek guidance and support from a licensed counselor, therapist, or other mental health professional?

At Proximal50 we’re more just a gym and that’s why we make it just as easy to book a personal trainer as it is to book a session with our licensed counselor.