socail wellness


Social wellness is just as important as your physical and emotional well-being. Here at Proximal50 Bismarck, we have a community welcoming you.

In the wellness world, you’ve heard about your physical and emotional well-being but we want to get into another area that you can easily overlook, social wellness. 

Social wellness is having healthy relationships and friendships along with caring for others and contributing to your community. This is more than just having friends, it’s making sure the relationships we do have are healthy. These relationships should be fulfilling and not compromise your physical or emotional well being. 

You can connect in many different ways, it can be through work, volunteer opportunities, or faith organizations. As pack animals, we as humans are meant to be around others. Let’s get into some ways you can connect with the Proximal50 community. 


We love happy hour

Whether it’s a LES MILLS Group Fitness launch day brunch or a post Pulse class brew, we love to have a little treat. We frequently host happy hours for a variety of reasons throughout the year. The best part is a majority of these are going to be open to the public so It’s a great chance to mingle with non-members too! 


We love Bismarck/Mandan

Not only do we have happy hours throughout the year but we also host a handful of events for our community! Some of our faves are Mess Fest and our P50 BBQ Bash. These aren’t tied to Group Fitness or Pulse so it’s a great chance to meet people outside of those classes! Oh and just like our happy hours, these are also open to non-members. 

Keep an eye on our socials for any upcoming events. 


We love a group workout

You’ll always hear us rave about our Group Fitness and our Pulse classes. These truly are such a great way to fuel your social well-being because of the structured environment. We get that saying hi to your neighbor in class can feel a little weird. But no one knows how hard that workout was like the person next to you does 😉 You just survived a thing together — the perfect bonding opportunity!

Read more about how great group workouts are for you. 


We hope when you think about your well-being you don’t get stuck on just your physical or emotional. Your social well-being is just as important and we hope that these few ways will help fuel yours!