We’re ready for Giving Hearts Day

giving hearts day 2023

Giving Hearts Day is February 9th 2023 and Proximal50 is ready to help make some change in our community.

Giving Hearts Day is a 24hr fundraising event and we love that we get to use our platforms to reach YOU, and create impact that will carry many days to come. It’s easy to tell people to donate to causes, or to raise money for a cause you care deeply about, but it’s not a thing for people to actually take action and see the importance their donations have.

This allows us to take a moment to see, search, and support local charities while learning about organizations we may not have known existed! There may be a charity, a part of the 550 participating in this year’s event, that aligns with something you are extremely passionate about. This may be your chance to use your voice, money or time to give back to those around you.

We have chosen to highlight and encourage you to donate to three different organizations:

YouthworksClick here to donate.

Youthworks ensures a safe place for homeless, runaway and trafficked youth. It’s a safe place they can call home for a few days or several months. During their time at Youthworks, they receive support to resolve conflicts. They also are able to utilize resources to reach independence. 

Heartview FoundationClick here to donate. 

The Heartview Foundation has a team of highly trained staff from many different specialties. This makes them the most experienced private, non-profit alcohol/drug treatment and education program in the region. Patients from all over the U.S. and Canada come to receive the high quality care Heartview offers.

American Foundation for Suicide PreventionClick here to donate.

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is a voluntary organization giving those affected by suicide a nationwide community. They’re empowered by research, education, and advocacy to take action against this leading cause of death. In an attempt to change the culture around mental health they deliver programs to the community and advocate for public policy and mental health legislation.  

We’re Going to Match Giving Hearts Day Donation

We’re so excited to take part in Giving Hearts Day and we plan on making the most of the 24hrs. We’ll be matching your donation between the three organizations we’re highlighting (up to $500). On top of that we’ll be matching each employee’s donation (up to $20). Keep an eye out for our donation stations where you can donate in person!

To find an organization that speaks to you, visit Giving Hearts Day’s website for a full list and ways to donate.