3 Workouts EveryBODY Should Do – Level 3

Tana Trotter, PT, DPT
Physical Therapist

The last progression in Tana’s 3 Exercises EveryBODY Should Do series. If you haven’t yet, check out level 1 and level 2 before moving onto level 3 below.

Banded Lateral Walking

  • Why? This exercises challenges the endurance and control in the hips which are our biggest joint supporters.
  • How? Tie a band around your ankles. Keep feet hip width apart as you step laterally without moving upper body side to side. 


  • Why? Using body weight is always a great way to challenge our strength. 
  • How? Hold onto TRX strap and slowly walk feet under. Keeping body in straight line, pull body up until hands are at chest while squeezing shoulder blades together. 

Wood Chop

  • Why? Combining rotation with flexion increases the muscles used in the movement. 
  • How? Place a band or cable at a higher attachment point. Step away from attachment until the band or cable is tight. Slowly rotate across and down to the opposite hip. Slowly control back to the starting point.