3 Exercise EveryBODY Should Do – Level 1

As a Physical Therapist when working with clients or patients,  I often see that while they are are getting in a great total body workout; there are a few missing links that when added in can make a big difference!


  • Why? Doing clamshells prior to any lower body work will help to isolate your glutes and activate them to maximize your lower body training.
  • How? Lay on your side with knees bent and hand on your hip. Slowly lift knee up and down focusing on not letting your low back roll back. Focus on feeling in your hip and not your low back or leg.

Banded or Cable Row

  • Why? With rounded posture (thanks to driving, desk work, gardening) and too much focus on chest strengthening, our mid back often becomes very weak making us prone to shoulder impingement or neck pain.
  • How? Start with a band or cable pulled to a light level of tension. Row elbows back as you squeeze shoulder blades together. The primary focus should be not shrugging as you perform this movement. 

Banded or Cable Palloff Press

  • Why? Doing crunches, planks or scissors will do nothing for your core UNLESS you are able to truly activate it. 
  • How?  Step out until the band or cable is pulling you. Bring both hands to center and brace core to stand straight. Press arms out and back in without rotating or leaning your body. Focus on feeling in core.