3 Exercise EveryBODY Should Do – Level 2


Last month Tana Trotter, Physical Therapist @ P50 provided 3 exercises every BODY should be doing regularly. (Check it out here.)  This month she adds progressions to make sure you are still getting the most out of each exercise.

Standing Hip Extension

  • Why? It is important to focus on the separation between your spine and your pelvis.
  • How? Stand at a counter or sturdy object. Slowly lift leg back and out to the side activating your glute without moving your low back.


Bent Over Fly

  • Why? Increases the challenge by adding gravity and posture into the equation.
  • How? Hold 2 lighter dumbbells. Bend forward at the hips. Slowly bring arms out to sides keeping slight bend in the elbows. Keep core braced to avoid trunk movements.


Banded or cable rotation

  • Why? Rotating the trunk will help to strengthen the core to further protect the low back.
  • How? Step out until the band or cable is pulling you. With arms out in front of you slowly rotate away then control back to start. Focus on engaging the core and not low back. Keep hips stable and pointing forward.