LesMills GRIT

LesMills GRIT



LesMills GRIT isn’t new to our Bismarck group fitness schedule but some of y’all are real scared to try it so we figured we’d show a lil love for GRIT.

Yes, GRIT is going to take you out of your comfort zone but that’s the point. A comfortable workout is everyones priority. Comfort is great for consistency but not for growth. When you prove to yourself that you can do hard things — that spills over to other areas of life too! 


Short. Sweet. Effective. 

LesMills GRIT is a HIIT workout building speed, power, strength and agility. HIIT training is challenging on your own. However, with GRIT you have others to keep you accountable and motivate you. If you’re thinking, “But that sounds like something an athlete would be looking to get out of a workout.” You’re exactly right. Those are components to athletic-style training. But even us everyday folk can benefit from some athleticism-based training! 

GRIT is a 45 minute workout squeezed into 30 minutes! Attendees burn more calories per minute than if you were doing a long, steady-state workout. You’ll also improve your Vo2 Max (how much oxygen you can use during exercise) which directly translates to improvements in your fitness and cardiovascular health. 


This is how P50 does LesMills GRIT. 

Everyone is welcome! Yes, GRIT is designed to be HIIT (all out/max effort followed by recovery) but you can totally make it your own. Maybe GRIT just needs to be a 30 minute workout for you because that’s what your schedule allows, or you don’t want to push to your max effort, or it will take you months to work up to higher intensities. All of that is OKAY! 

Don’t skip GRIT because it’s hard. Your coach is there for whatever challenge level you need! We want you to show up so we can help you through the hard, together!


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