New Group Fitness Merch

New Group Fitness Merch

With the refresh of our Bismarck group fitness schedule of your favorite LesMills (and our very own) classes comes new merch.


We always love a good reason to launch some new merch 😉 In celebration of our group fitness rebrand and schedule refresh we have a limited release Group Fitness Kit. Here’s what’s included:

Yoga/Mat Towel

From slippery hands in BodyBalance or Yoga to a cushion for your knees in BodyPump or GRIT, this P50 branded YogiToes hand towel from Manduka will be your new group fitness bestie.

Group Fitness Zip-Up 

Having a go-to zip-up is a game changer in staying comfortable for your warm-up to your cool-down.


We love a good pair of socks! Whether these are your back-up pair for the gym bag or one you keep in your gym bag for those last moments of final relaxation in BodyBalance — we’ve got your feet covered.

Canvas Tote 

Carry your group fitness essentials with you to and from class with this handy tote. Pockets to store keys, chapstick or a body wipe (we’ve included one of our favs to try!).

Fall Group Fitness Merch


Oh you didn’t hear about our group fitness refresh? Well click here to learn more about it. 

How to get the goods

We’re having a party — well two parties really! Get your hands on our new merch by joining us on October 4th 2022 or October 8th 2022. OR come to both you party animals!! Here’s the rundown:

10.04.22 Happy Hour

Picture this: it’s a Tuesday, you sneak out of work early, get your sweat on and have an iced cold bevy with some friends. What could be better than that?? 

  • 4:30pm GRIT 
  • 5:00pm GRIT
  • 5:30pm BodyBalance (note for this Tuesday only there will not be P50 Yoga) 

10.08.22 Brunch & Burn 

We’ll be having an open house party while classes are happening. Have some treats and some drinks while you learn more about why we love group fitness! 

  • 8am BodyPump (30 min)
  • 8:30am Sprint
  • 9am BodyFlow


Ready to party? 

Download our app to sign-up. (class sign-up opens 24 hours in advance) Don’t forget we have free classes for non-members just use the promo code JUSTMOVE.

Click here to book your class and join in on the fun.