Why 80% of Resolutions Fail & 4 Ways to be in the 20%


At the close of a year, it is natural to be drawn to the fresh-start feeling that a new year can bring. Making a resolution (or three) for the new year ahead can feel motivating, refreshing, and bring hope for a better year ahead. We all know some of the most popular resolutions: losing weight, getting “fit,” or embarking on some sort of health improvement journey. Come the beginning of January, resolution-ers are enthusiastic to change. They join a gym, buy class passes, pay top dollar for meal plans and/or supplements. But by the second week of February, 80% of those resolutions that started with such bright hope are completely null and void. Why is that?

For any New Year’s resolution to be successful – health related or otherwise – it takes changing behavior and habits, built up over a lifetime (teaching an old dog new tricks). We set all these resolutions but we fail to address our ability to sustain motivation and how we’re going to handle the stress and discomfort that often accompanies change.

Changing habits and behaviors will not magically happen from January 1st when the clock strikes midnight. It takes time and practice to set new behavior patterns in order to sustain them long-term. Before you hit the gym every day in January, never to set foot in it again in February… or spend hundreds of dollars for packaged shakes and bars that will be on BisManOnline by March, follow these simple tips:

1) Set realistic goals. Keeping your goals within reach is important to staying motivated.

2) Set up your support system. No one likes to “go it alone” and we can all benefit from a little accountability. 

3) Try substitution instead of elimination. This simple change of mindset can quickly improve your attitude towards your goals.

4) Celebrate success. Tangible rewards are motivating and it’s important to celebrate along the way.

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