Coronavirus Membership Update 3/24/2020

Dear Proximal50 Family,

This has been a difficult time for every one reading this note – we are quickly learning no one is in this alone. As your personal situation changes, I know that every expense matters – especially when you are unable to ‘use’ something you are paying for.

If you would like to freeze your membership for the month of April, please let us know immediately by emailing

A $5 holding fee will be charged in lieu of your regular monthly dues. Your membership will remain frozen for the entire month of April, even if we were able to open at some point during the month.

We will be suspending all Unlimited Pulse and Warehouse Membership add-ons for the month of April.

If you choose to continue your membership, please know we greatly appreciate your support as a small business. By continuing your membership you will have immediate access to the facility if it opens in April PLUS access to our exclusive Proximal50 @Home Facebook group where we provide two workouts a day, wellness support, and resources to help you navigate this time.  If you are not on Facebook, please email us at – we are working on other resources to share.

I also encourage you to checkout our blog – our amazing team has been working hard to provide free resources & workouts during the time and we will be adding content regularly!

April membership dues will help cover a portion of building expenses, utilities, Proximal50 Downtown rent, and other operation costs that continue as we remain closed.

If we must remain closed throughout the entire month of April; April membership dues will be given as credits towards May membership and we will suspend auto billing for May.

If we are able to open within the month of April, we will have an exclusive appreciation offer to members that remained current members of Proximal50 throughout the closure.

Please continue to monitor your e-mail or our Facebook page for updates on a reopening date and membership updates. Again, thank you for your continued support and understanding. We miss you all!

Tana Trotter
Proximal50 Life Center