COVID Fatigue

We never imagined this pandemic lasting as long as it has, especially when it first started. As the months go on, uncertainty increases – which means the feelings of anxiety, depression and discouragement do as well. Although we can’t control a lot of what is happening, it is still important to look at what we are doing to combat the COVID fatigue we all experience. 

Of course, being a gym we highly promote and encourage the importance of staying active. We don’t say this so you come to see us (although we love seeing your faces and saying hello!), we just want you to continue to move your body. There are so many benefits to exercising that we won’t go into here. 


How else can you help combat fatigue?

  1. Talking it out. It might sound simple, but ignoring your feelings won’t make them go away. Talk to someone about them – it could be a trusted loved one, friend, or professional. We are all going through this, and you might be surprised that other people are feeling the same way. 
  2. Constructive thinking.  Our feelings come from our thoughts about a specific situation. We can’t change what’s happening but we can adjust our thinking. Be compassionate with yourself and remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can. Also remember, don’t label your feelings as “good” or “bad”. Remember that feelings are just feelings; notice how you’re feeling and let them flow. 
  3. Mindfulness. Practice being in the moment by noticing your breathing, what is going on around you, if the muscles in your body are clenched, etc. Take 3 deep breaths and notice how different you feel. Find yourself being intentional in the present. The more you do it, the easier it becomes.
  4. Self-care. If you missed our “The Truth About Self-Care” blog check it out here. It isn’t always the self-care you see on social media, but it is the self-care that will get you what you  actually need.
  5. Recharge. We might not be able to take the vacations that we had planned for the year (those sweet vacations we all crave – see, you aren’t alone) but you can still get creative! Plan a themed weekend at home, or a staycation in your city. Focus on enjoying time with your family and friends that isn’t what you do typically. Are there questions you can ask to get to know everyone better? Can you play games to create memories that including lots of laughing during this time? Tip: turn off the social media, the news, or anything else that is distracting. Give yourself a break – it’ll be there when you are done!
  6. Create Routines. Routine and schedule is the one thing we all have control over in our life. Yes, things are going to happen that are unpredictable but while the daily living continues, you can practice your routine and gain some sense of control over your life. 


We may not be able to control everything, but we don’t have to either. This year has shown us a lot about ourselves – you may have learned things you wouldn’t have been faced with before. Take time to use these tips to really start making a difference in combating the fatigue we have all been feeling in 2020.

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