Women’s Health Month Challenge

21 Days to Take Control of Your Health

May is Women’s Health Month and it is the perfect time to bring awareness to the top 3 strategies to improve & maintain your overall health.
  1. Build a good relationship with your doctor and stay on top of your appointments! Regular (often yearly) exams are key to prevention & early detection. Do you have a doctor you feel comfortable with and see regularly?
  2. Prioritize daily healthy habits like physical activity, good nutrition, and sleep. Small, consistent habits are where it’s at. Sounds simple, but do you really know what that looks like?
  3. Know your health history and risk factors. Genetics, age, gender, and lifestyle all play a part. Have you taken the time to gather family history and does your doctor talk to you about your risk factors?

You could tackle those three strategies on your own OR you could join us as we are team up with Balance Medical for a 21 day Women’s Health Challenge.

Education, support & accountability to take control of your health. All virtual – you tackle the info and challenges when it works for you within in your day – but we will be checking in weekly to make sure it happens 😉

You’ll have daily and weekly tasks that will help you develop healthy habits (think activity goals, nutrition tracking, and more), and better understand your risk factors & how to talk to your doctor.

P50 Members & Balance Medical Patients: $60
Nonmember Community: $75