Trainer Tip! Get 2-3 more reps out of your set.

Bicep curls… easy peasy right? Sure the movement may seem simple, but there are several small adjustments you can make to get 2 or 3 more reps out of your next set for better results! Here are 5 trainer tips to get you there:

  • Elbows in at sides. Do not let those elbow flair out. If that’s the only way you can curl the weight – the weight is too heavy!
  • Shoulders back – stand tall & be proud of those beautiful biceps.
  • Elbows and shoulders should not move – think elbows under shoulder – the only movement is the biceps muscle lengthening
  • Hips in neutral position (tuck pelvis and brace core) do not pop the hips forward at the top – we are working those muscles.
  • There should be no pain  in front of shoulder. Re-evaluate your alignment!