Summer to Fall Exercise Transitions

The best way to transition your workouts – tips from P50’s Exercise Physiologist

Welcome to the shortest season of the year in North Dakota- Fall! Can we all agree we want to soak up as many memories before … winter… hits? Bring out the sweatshirts, jeans, warm drinks and breathing in the crisp air. 


What you might not associate with fall: coming back into the gym after getting to exercise outside for the past few months. What’s the best way of going about this transition? Our Exercise Physiologist, Lex is here to give you her recommendations.  


Determine what you are wanting.

Is it  a transition from biking out on the trails to sprint class?
Or body weight workouts at home to free weights at the gym?

My personal recommendation is to utilize the nice weather when it’s here. Go for a run outside before you come in and head to a sprint class OR lift. You could also  bike/walk to the gym for a warm up then a cool down, and get what you need to done in the gym.

In terms of the strength training transition, depending on your routine, I suggest gradually swapping an at home workout day for a gym day and work back up to the gym setting. Start with coming just one day a week. One way to ease back into the gym would be going to  group fitness or Pulse classes.  You get your workout in with an instructor guiding you, and you don’t have to think about what you should be doing – just follow the routine for the day!

For those of you who have been solely working on your cardio over the summer and are ready to get back into lifting, I would start with two days a week lifting (and build from there). That could mean eventually adding another day or increasing time to the two days first. Coming back for the first couple times, I recommend taking it light for the first little bit and gradually increasing your resistance. 


If you enjoy doing your own thing, here’s a few basic moves for you:

KB sumo squats

DB bench press

Bent over row

Lat pull-down

Inner/outer thigh machine


No matter which routine best suits you, make sure you stretch and drink lots of water regularly, as this will likely bring some soreness you haven’t felt in awhile and you don’t want that holding you back! 

To find out about working individually with Lex, check out it out here.