Pregnancy Series: Trimester 3

Pregnancy Series: 3rd Trimester

You are in the final stretch! You are just around the corner from meeting your bundle(s) of joy, and there seems like there is so much to do while time is simultaneously dragging on. Working out might not be the first to do on your list, but these simple exercises are easy to fit in through out your day.

Our Physical Therapist, Tana, is here to walk you through her recommendations for Trimester 3 exercises!

Sink Squat

Focuses: You want to make sure you are rounding your lower back (notice in the pictures above how the curve of her back straightens in the second picture! This is what we are look for, but you will feel like you are pushing your spine out more than before). Keep in mind you will want to be pushing through your heels as well.

Your arms are there to help you keep a good posture, so use them when you are lowering into a squat. Then while returning to a stand, try to use your legs!

Cat Cow


Focuses: You want to be using your core in both directions. That means you are really keeping those core muscles engaged the whole time (when you are arching AND curving your back).

Goal: Make the movement as slow and smooth as possible in both directions. You aren’t wanting to use your arms to exaggerate the movement. Just focus on that core!

Lunging hip flexor stretch


Focuses: You should be feeling the stretch in your thighs. You will be holding you low back in alignment (see picture). Shift your bodyweight forward to increase stretch if needed.

Don’t arch your low back in order to stretch further.


Remember, it is always a good idea to talk to your doctor about exercising. Pregnancy doesn’t have to mean pain either! See a PT if you are experiencing regular or consistent pain.