Playground Exercise Ideas

At a playground, a swing set at home, using an exercise ball in your house, or even some sliders!
(*make sure you wipe down equipment if you are going to a public park!)

Kim goes over all exercises in the video below:

Complete 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps

Exercises Kim demonstrates:

  1. Bulgarian Split Squats (each side)
  2. Lateral Lunges (each side)
  3. Plank Tucks
  4. Hamstring curls  – Curl both feet in at the same time. (Challenge: 1 leg at a time)
  5. Glute Bridges
  6. Sit ups


We love creating workouts for all of you, and helping everyone live a healthy life! If you only get through 2 sets, or don’t feel comfortable with all the exercises – that’s okay too. Another fun way to get in some exercise with your kids playing? Tag, hide and seek, throwing or kicking a ball  – if we can muster up as much energy as them that is 😉