Operation Best Self Accountability Challenges

Action-Based Accountability 

Accountability has been a big word for 2020. For many, the heaviness, the uncertainty, and the stress of t2020 has really hit hard impacting motivation. With a series of accountability challenges, Proximal50 is aiming to start 2021 off strong with accountability but with the support & guidance of our professional team!

Accountability Group Challenges

Along with the support & accountability from our team, group challenges also include the motivation from being part of a group! Our group challenges also include education content & resources on each topic. For more information email Katie at katie.kost@proximal50.com or sign-up online here.

January | Meal Planning & Meal Prep

Meal planning and prep does not have to be complicated! We will start the New Year with simple, real-life strategies to simplify meal planning & prep while focusing on quality nutrition.

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February | Exercise Consistency

Sometimes all you need is to know that at the end of the week someone will be checking in to make sure you got your workouts in 😉 And that’s ok! In February we will work on exercise consistency with a focus on well-rounded workout programs.

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March | Maximized Metabolism

March is National Nutrition Month and to celebrate we are spending the month focused on metabolism. Each week will cover a different topic plus with an action plan & steps to keep you accountable to healthy metabolism.

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April  | Stress-less Strategy

Stress is an inevitable part of everyday life, yet it’s often the number one disruptor to health & wellness. What’s important is managing stress – and this month for Stress Awareness month – we will focus on strategies to do just that – oh and did we mention, you’ll be accountable to your weekly action plan!

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May | Women’s Health 

In collaboration with the team at Balance Medical, May is all about Women’s Health (because May is Women’s Health Month!). There will be some basic expectations for the month (think exercise, nutrition etc) that you’ll be journaling and submitting weekly, along with women’s health education, free screenings, and more!

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