Make Time Before You’re Forced to Find Time

Coaching Food for Thought

Having now seen hundreds of people walk through our doors with the goal of getting healthier, losing weight, getting stronger, feeling better, having more energy (the list goes on and on), I can safely state this with 100% confidence: if you don’t MAKE the time for your health now, you will be forced to FIND the time later in life.

It’s easy to skip the yoga class or run you planned on taking when there’s work to be done or a house to be cleaned.

It’s easy to skip planning and prepping healthy meals for your family and hit up the drive night after night instead.

It’s easy to stay up late watching Netflix instead of prioritizing bedtime and hitting the hay.

But, here’s the rub – if you keep taking the easy way(s) out and don’t MAKE the time for your health NOW, I can confidently say you will, at some point, be FORCED to FIND the time down the road.

Don’t let a health scare or diagnosis be the wake-up call you need. Carve out the time you need now to start making deposits into your future healthy self today – the investment is worth it!

Wellness Coaching will help – together we will determine what the priorities are and why and then HOW you will carve out the time needed to make it happen.

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Lindsey Peterson
Certified Wellness Coach
Proximal50 Life Center