Lower Body exercises anyone can do

2 Lower Body Exercises for anyone

Personal Trainer, Kim F, has 2 lower body exercises anyone can do to strengthen their legs/glutes. These exercises can be done when you have a few minutes, added into your current routine, or done as the lower body exercises to a total body workout! (both exercises consist of being on hands and knees – use pad or towel if needed)


Fire Hydrant:
Once you are on all 4’s (2 knees and 2 hands ;)), you are going to lift one leg off to the side – see video – while keeping your hips stable. The least movement in hips the better!
*Make sure the opposite knee isn’t shifting throughout the movement.

Kick Backs:
On all 4’s, you are going to extend one leg back this time. You want to be squeezing your glute muscle instead of just trying to lift your leg. Make sure your core is engaged (flexed, contracted,etc) so there is no arch in your lower back.


If you feel like you cannot keep good form while completing the exercises, either go slow so you have more control (trust us, this is hard too) OR do less reps.


For added difficulty on both exercises, add a weight behind your knee! Your kick backs will be done with a bent knee instead of going straight back.