A Dietitian’s New Year’s Resolution

I am not a big fan of setting New Year’s resolution because a date is not going to motivate me to make a change. But I do like the idea of reflecting on the last year and thinking of ways to make next year better and what I need to be more aware for the next year. So with reflection, here are my “resolutions” for the New Year: 

    1. I want to get a better morning routine to be able to invest more time into my breakfast options, which in turn will also give my family better options as well. I have been doing the quick and easy this last year.  
    2. Speaking of mornings, my nights could use a little more routine too 😉 I would really like to incorporate a cup of tea into my evening routine. This habit will encourage me to be in the moment (putting 3 kids to bed is stressful!), encourage mindfulness, and the opportunity for gratitude. The idea of sipping on something yummy with my hands wrapped around a warm mug, I think I will enjoy the whole process. Plus the health benefits of tea are an added bonus. 
    3. Stock my office with more nutrient dense snacks. My hunger takes over once I get home in the mid-afternoon. So while I get supper ready and keep track of kids running through the neighborhood after school, I find myself in the kids candy buckets.  So this is a red flag that I need to eat a better snack in the early afternoon to keep me fuller longer and allow me to make a better choice.

Ok, so there they are, but let’s talk IMPLEMENTATION! Here are my goals put into action:

  1. I will make breakfast guide for the week, add them to my online grocery list and get up 15 minutes earlier to add to my morning routine (I get ready before waking kids) to have time to prepare food before waking kids ups. 
    1. Mondays we have homemade oatmeal. To make my kiddos feel like they have a choice, I’ll have them pick the fruit I make it with.  Add flax and chia seeds. 
    2. Tuesday will be scrambled eggs with spinach, cheese and sundried tomatoes.
    3. Wednesday will be whole-grain/protein waffles or pancakes with fruit and even dark chocolate chips.
    4. Eggs over easy on toast with tomatoes and avocado.
    5. Warm homemade granola over milk.
  2. Come up with some tea mixes that sound delicious. Incorporate my family in the making and drinking of the tea – I’ll be more likely to do it before I put everyone to bed 😉  Be part of nightly routine – find the time in the evening where it feels most natural, not forced. I’ll have to play around with this… after dinner, with bedtime stories?? Ask me in January 😉
  3. Add go-to’s to my grocery list (likely for pick up or even delivery) that are nutrient dense snacks just for my office. Ideas include: 
    1. Sugar snap peas (these are great alone – there’s a decent amount of fiber & protein in these crunchy creatures)
    2. Carrots & hummus
    3. Blueberries & yogurt
    4. Nut mixes – try something sweet (think dark chocolate) over the uber salty options
    5. Apples & peanut butter
    6. Whole grain crackers & peanut butter
    7. Chickpea Puffs – a great alternative to Cheetos
    8. Cubed cheese or cheese slices – I pick this over string cheese because you want the full fat dairy option!
    9. Full-fat cottage cheese with strawberries & sliced almonds – it’s like a dessert!
    10. A good granola bar with REAL ingredients. Find my Facebook group – Let’s Eat! – I’ve done a whole post on how to pick granola bars for kids and the same applies to you!

Vanessa Lennick, RDN, LRD – is a Registered Dietitian in private practice at Proximal50 Life Center in Bismarck, ND.  As a mom, wife, and Dietitian, Vanessa looks at food to power and nourish others.  In a world that associates food as the enemy, that’s not always an easy task! Contact Vanessa at vanessa.lennick@proximal50.com for more information (she does virtual sessions too!)