3 Signs You Are Using the Band-Aid Approach to Pain Relief

Pain is not normal. Some muscle tension/tightness and soreness can be expected but if you are dealing with pain that does not go away or seems to come back regularly, chances are you are using a band-aid approach to your pain relief. Here are three signs you are merely applying a band-aid to your pain:

  1. There’s no end in sight. While things like massage & dry needling can help alleviate pain – and are all things we do too-  if your pain doesn’t go away or returns than you need to dig deeper (pun totally intended!). 
  2. You have no idea what’s really causing the pain. Sure you know what aggravates your pain – running, standing too long, lifting something heavy, moving this way or that way. But do you know WHY it’s happening? Chances are, you are treating the symptoms of the pain, not the cause of the pain – there’s a huge difference! 
  3. You don’t know what to do about it or how to control it. So maybe it’s something you’ve been dealing with for quite awhile, you’ve seen your doctor, you’ve tried other treatments – maybe even surgery – but you still haven’t learned anything about your pain, why it’s happening and what you can do to control it. 

Proximal50’s team of Physical Therapists are passionate about treating the cause of your pain and not simply covering your pain with a band-aid treatment. We breakdown how your body moves to ensure that once the pain is gone… it stays away. As much as we love seeing our patients, our priority is educating you on why something hurts and what to do about it so YOU can be in control of your health & wellness.

Start advocating for yourself and seek the care that will address the cause of your pain, not just the symptoms!

Tana Trotter, PT, DPT
Proximal50 Life Center

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