21 Day Challenge to Stress Less

April: Stress Awareness Month

Stress plays a big role on our health & wellness. Often, it’s the piece that’s holding us back the most. You can exercise and eat right, but if you aren’t managing our stress you may not be reaching your goals!

Stress can look like a lot of different things from deadlines at work to caring for an aging parent; to financial & relationship issues to over-exercising or not sleeping enough. (Yes – too much of a good thing or not enough of an important thing are stressors on your body!)

We all have stressors so we all have stress – we just need to make sure we are managing our stress. Here are regular habits to do just that:

  1. Keep a gratitude journal – writing down one thing you were grateful for each day (journal below)
  2. Move daily – Exercise regularly but move everyday for stress management. 
  3. Prioritize sleep every night – get more/better sleep
  4. Do something daily that’s just for you! (see ideas below)  It doesn’t have to be different each day (but it can if you want), find a few to try and if you like it, but stick with it. Routine & consistency help build control over managing stress.

The 21 Day Stress-less challenge is to use the Stress-less Journal and track the above for 21 days! If tackling all 4 is too much right now, it’s ok to pick one or two to focus on.

Challenge Resources:

Stress-Less Journal

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