10 Reasons Why Summer is THE Time to Make a Change

Need to make a change? Did you know summer can be a great time to do it? Summer is short and you need to enjoy it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t set goals for yourself… and we are here to make sure you meet those goals! Here are 10 reasons why summer just might be THE time to make a change:
  1. Laying out a routine(although can sound stressful) can give you MORE time to do the activities you enjoy. You won’t be wasting time and you are able to be intentional about your days! Having an action plan in place takes out the guess work – whether that’s a meal plan or a workout plan – will help make it a routine so you don’t even have to think about it and can focus on the fun stuff!
  2. Routines can stop the feeling of “I have to be doing this” or like it’s a chore. You can meal prep, work out, get a good nights sleep, etc as a part of your daily routine!
  3. Planning ahead can stop binge eating, feeling hungry at the grocery store, (anything else). You set yourself up for success and not having the feeling of needing to overhaul your life once summer does come to an end!
  4. Fresh food! There are so many great foods in season (and farmers markets throughout the BisMan area) to enjoy. BONUS: Berries are high in antioxidants and fiber. And they make a good snack alone, smoothies, or additions to breakfasts and salads!
  5. Summer can mean less stress for some! (Or just a different kind of stress) You don’t want to start a program when your body is already under more stress. Higher levels of cortisol can make it harder to lose weight – if that’s your goal. Plus if you are less stressed or even just feel less stressed, you can focus more on your health!
  6. Sunshine! The sun boosts are mood – leaving behind the winter blues! if you are happier and feeling more positive – you have a much higher chance of succeeding and sticking with what healthy living means to you.
  7. If you have kids – going for bike rides, walks, or any other summer activities can be a great way to get them – and you –  outside! Not to mention you can use it as bonding time or a way to get EVERYONE’s energy out 😉
  8. Speaking of activities – summer is the perfect time to try something new! There may be more options in the summer like rec leagues and 5k’s (hello $5 5K) or try new workout classes.  You can test out various types of physical activity to see what YOU really like and what will stick in your everyday, year round routine!
  9. Summer is your time to find a plan that works for you all the time. If your new diet means you have to skip out on summer fun like bbq’s and river time, what makes you think you’ll be able to do it year-round? A healthy lifestyle leaves room for and should accommodate family time, holiday meals, and be something you enjoy.
  10. There’s no time like the present time. You can always say you’ll start next Monday or next month or come fall, but why make yourself wait to find the best you? Do it now.Your healthy lifestyle plan should be unique to you – based on what’s realistic for you – and we are here to help with just that! Schedule a free Proximal Priority consult to learn more about creating your own wellness action plan ways you can start today. Call us at 751-2974 or schedule a free wellness consult online.